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Meet Kayla

Kayla Beier, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC


Mrs. Beier is a nurse practitioner who is double board certified in family medicine and psychiatry. She started her journey in medicine over 10 years ago as a psychiatric nurse and has had a vast array of experience ever since. In recent years, she served as a primary care provider and then went on to practice as psychiatric specialist with Texas Tech University after completing a psychiatry residency from Johns Hopkins University.

When it comes to mental health care, patients need a special person to partner with them on their journey to recovery. Since she was a child, Mrs. Beier has had experience with mental illness as she served as the primary care giver for a parent who suffered with psychiatric illness and substance abuse. She believes that through this life experience she developed empathy, compassion, and the desire to truly help those suffering with similar issues.

Curiosity, empathy, and the desire to solve complex problems are traits we believe are essential in the provider you trust with your mental health care.  At Endurance Mental Health, you are not just a paying consumer, you become one of our own and we desire to help you fulfill all that God has called you to do.

In her previous primary care practice, she utilized medical weight loss and hormone optimization to help her patients feel their best and she feels this is a great compliment to psychiatry as achieving mental wellness can be multifaceted. Mrs. Beier is one of the few elite providers in the nation who are dual certified in both psychiatry and family medicine. Many patients who seek care at Endurance have seen different specialist in different fields for psychiatry and medical reasons and are tired of the lack of communication and tendency to only treat the disorder they specialize in. At Endurance, we specialize in treating the patient as a whole person and understand how the physical and mental symptoms are all interconnected. Our treatment model also emphasizes patient education which is another component that modern medicine is commonly lacking. We believe that knowledge is power and love to partner with our patients in achieving total wellness. 


On a personal note, Mrs Beier is happily married and the proud mother of 3 precious little girls. Former Texans, The Beier family loves all the Hoosier state has to offer and are proud to call Carmel, IN home. When not seeing patients, Mrs. Beier enjoys cooking new recipes, exercising, spending time outdoors, traveling, and participating in their church small group.

317- 669-9774

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