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We believe that achieving mental wellness is not just a job for psychiatry specialists. At Endurance Mental Health & Wellness, we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box. This includes looking at mental wellness from a comprehensive perspective. Over the years, we have seen many patients improve their mental health by making physical and hormonal changes to their bodies. Complimentary treatments for mental illness such as weight loss and hormone replacement are not always appropriate as sole treatment, however they are frequently used in conjunction to psychiatric medications to accelerate improvement. If this methodology sounds appealing to you, give us a call today! 

Weight Loss

We understand how frustrating it is to be overweight and how this can drastically affect our mental health. Most of us have tried diet after diet without long lasting results. Did you know that our bodies actually make it harder for us to lose weight the more we diet? This process is called Metabolic Adaptation. At Endurance, we understand the science behind weight loss and want to help you achieve your goals. There are medications on the market, like Semaglutide (Ozempic, Wegovy) that work to make us feel full quicker and decrease appetite that can help accelerate your weightless efforts. However, these options are not a magic pill. With all sustainable weight loss, determination and life style change is required. GLP-1 medications can be a great option for those who have tried other diets in the past and are frustrated with lack of results.  Some patients lose up to 15% of their body weight while taking these medications, though results may vary. Our weight loss membership is all inclusive and contains everything you need to be successful. 

  • Tailored diet & exercise plan

  • Medication shipped to your door

  • Injection needles and teaching materials

  • 1 visit per month + 2 calls/messages 

  • Body scans for accurate body composition analysis 

  • Requires a 3 month commitment

  • $400 initial visit, 60 minute appointment 

  • $350 per month which includes cost of medication

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