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Initial Evaluation

Our initial evaluation is an extensive assessment that will detail your current issues, previous histories (medical, mental health, family) and go over previously prescribed treatments and medications.


We will discuss current symptoms, diagnoses and tailor a treatment that is specific to your needs. This treatment may include medications, therapy referrals, and lab work if needed.

We encourage you to collect previous medical records prior to this appointment for our review.


Initial evaluations may be conducted in person at our Carmel location or via telehealth for Indiana residents.

Follow-Up Appointments

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Follow up visits will address current medications, review current life events and contributing factors to your current condition, and make adjustments/recommendations as needed. 


Your specific follow up frequency will be established with the provider during your assessments.  These appointments may be conducted in person or via telehealth based on your preferences and schedule.

Extended Follow-Up Appointments

This appointment time may be selected if extended medication management, or in-depth therapy is needed.

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